Kyiv Central Design

Bureau of Valves

Space technologies in valve industry


Complete production cycle

From idea to the final product!

Kyiv Central Design Bureau of Valves is a machine building company, specialized in development and manufacturing of the valves and hydro pneumatic aggregates for the nuclear and thermal power stations, oil-and-gas, chemical industry, aerospace complex, etc.

Modern engineering center, high quality production facilities and own testing base enables the Company to operate under the closed-loop cycle from customer technical assignment to “design-manufacturing -testing -delivery to the customer-maintaining and servicing” of the products within the shortest period of time.

Main areas

Key products of the Company:

Design and manufacturing of valves for safe operation of the NPP and TPP systems.

Design and manufacturing of small pneumatic hydro aggregates for space and aviation systems.

Development and production of pipeline valves for oil, gas and chemical industries enterprises, main and local water supply systems, ventilation systems.

Diagnostics and qualification testing of equipment for nuclear power plants and other critical objects on the basis of diagnostic equipment and special bench testing units.