• May 14, 1964 Establishment

    Kyiv Central Design Bureau of Valves was founded as an affiliate branch to Leningrad Central Design Bureau of Valves on the basis of Kyiv Valve Engineering Plant according to the Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR Council of Ministers № 461, in Kiev.
  • 1960's First products

    First valve products have been created for the Novo-Voronezh NPP. Later they became highly demanded valves for all the domestic nuclear power plants. An experimental equipment for NIICHIMMASH and Institute of Biomedical Problems were all created at that time. The ground experimental complex for the preparation and implementation of long-term space flights was developed.
  • 1970's Expansion

    Kyiv Valve Engineering Plant and Kyiv Central Design Bureau of Valves have merged together. Manufacturing and testing facilities were expanded.
  • 1976 Government task

    At that time KCDBV received Governmental task to develop range of safety valves for nuclear power plants with new, powerful VVER -1000 type reactor, and began developing a series of pilot operated safety devices.
  • 1980s Space program

    Complex small pneumatic & hydraulic aggregates were created, which were successfully applied in the various systems of space orbital stations "Salyut" and "Mir", "Soyuz" and "Progress" spacecrafts, automatic interplanetary "Venus", "Vega", "Phobos", "Astron" stations and other spacecraft.
  • 1990s Overcoming economic crisis

    State Company "KCDBV" overcomes the economic crisis and the fall in industrial production and starts to develop new products for new applications, including a series of aircraft aggregates for the AN-140 aircraft, AN-74, AN-70 and others. At the same time Kievpromarmatura is reorganized into closed joint stock company - "Arma" and recommences export program. Products of JSC "Arma" (mainly general purpose valves) come to German and British markets. Sanitary valves that were exported to England, successfully have been tested for compliance with the British Quality Standard.
  • Beginning of 2000 Reorganization

    SE "KCDBV" was reorganized into a closed joint stock company. It has signed a contract for the supply of valves for the construction of the first and second units of the Tianwan NPP (China), followed by a gradual improvement in economic and financial performance of the Company.
  • 2006 Merger

    There has been a merger between JSC "KCDBV" and JSC "Arma", which made it possible to expand the production base, gain new market opportunities and contribute to the development of new products.
  • 2009 TACIS U2.01 / 05.

    PJSC "KCDBV" as a part of Consortium that also includes: company TECNATOM S.A. (Madrid, Spain), and the Institute of Company NIITs (Ukraine) and Institute of Strength Problems (Ukraine) took participated the European Commission Program TACIS U2.01 / 05.
  • By 2014 Modernization

    the first stage of technical re-equipment of PJSC "KCDBV" was completed, the process in which high-performance equipment was launched: machining centers, CNC lathes, bellows production development, modernization of the heat treatment department. The company has launched ERPII system by IT-Enterprise, started a few 6sigma projects and 5S-lean program at the plant.
  • 2015 Exporter of the Year

    The company gained an award as The Best Exporter of the Year as a result of financial and economic activities of the enterprises for year 2014.