- Let's start from our office where all strategic decisions are made and company's development vector is determined.

R&D departments

Then we get into the engineering development department, where new engineering thoughts are emerging, models, calculations and test program are being developed. All this enable new products to be created, which then will be applied in the nuclear power plant safety systems, thermal power plants, life support systems for astronauts and aircraft systems.

Main material storage

Most of our products made of steel - 08X18H10T and 12X18H10T (stainless steel), 20 steel (carbon steel), aluminum alloys, titanium, bronze, and others.

The preparation department

There are metal pipe and forgings that are mainly used in the manufacturing process of PrJSC "KCDBV". Pipe metal cutting takes place at the automatic band saws.

Heat treatment department

Hardening and tempering of metals is done in the heat treatment furnaces - vacuum, mine and others to achieve the desired metal physical properties.

Welding section

Welding and deposit welding of metals are conducted via manual and semi-automatic TIG welding consumable electrode, both additive and non-additive. Laser welding is also applied.

Electroplating department

Here we do stainless steel electropolishing, chrome (milk and solid), copper-nickel, electrochemical and chemical nickel plating, pickling and passivation of stainless steel parts, pickling and passivation of components made of copper and its alloys (brass) , phosphatizing, galvanizing, anodizing aluminum and its alloys, tinplating and others.

Painting department

Perform painting work of any complexity.

High precision and Experimental Workshop

Performs machining and locksmithing of the low-volume products for the aviation and space, and also manufactures special valves, solenoids, signaling devices, control units.

Machine-assembly Workshop

Specialized in high-precision machining and assembly of the products for nuclear and thermal power stations.

Central Laboratory

Has modern testing equipment, measuring instruments, standard samples, allowing to carry out testing and measurement by non-destructive and destructive control methods.

Testing Center

Allows to qualification and acceptance tests, including in the LOCA conditions.

Quality control

According to the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, industry standards and regulations, special attention is paid to quality control of the design and manufacturing process of all products.

Finished product delivery to the customer

Our company operates on a by order basis order and each delivery has individual packaging requirements and the list of supporting documentation.

Maintenance and repair

All delivered products has a lifetime warranty, which is defined in the technical specifications. Our specialists are always ready to advise the customer via Phone/Skype, or go to the site to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis.