CCL operates as a part of PJSC "KCDBV", carries out tests and determination of physicomechanical, chemical and technological characteristics of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alloys, coatings, welded joints, surfacing, intended for the manufacture of the entire range of products that are part of products of KCDBV and used in various industries : nuclear energy, shipbuilding, space and aviation complexes, housing and communal services, etc.

CCL has testing equipment, measuring instruments, standard samples, standards that allow testing and measurement using non-destructive and destructive testing methods.

1. Destructive control:
  • metallographic tests
  • intercrystalline corrosion resistance tests
  • mechanical testing
  • α-phase content determination

2. Non-destructive control:
  • styloscoping
  • ultrasonic flaw detection
  • capillary flaw detection

3.Chemical analysis of metals

Quality system of the CCL in the structure of PJSC " KCDBV " is certified by the international certification bureau "Veritas" for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001.
For all questions, contact:
Head of CCL +38 (044) 591-07-65
Halahus Andrew

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