PSC "KСDBV" provides services for manufacture of machine parts, mechanisms and devices by milling of blanks from ferrous and non-ferrous metals or their alloys according to drawings and 3D-models of the customer.

We use CNC lathes, CNC milling and turning-milling machining centers - modern metal-cutting equipment of well-known manufacturing companies such as Okuma (Japan), KIA-HYUNDAY and Hankook (South Korea), DAHLIH and BUFFALO (Taiwan), HAAS (USA), Gildemeister (Germany), as well as a large number of domestic CNC machines.

Our production facilities allow us to process tool and stainless steels, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, other metals and alloys, including hard and hard to process.

OKUMA MA-600H, KIA-HYUNDAY KH-63G and DAHLIH MCH-500 CNC horizontal machining centers allow for complex multioperational processing of body parts with dimensions up to 900x900x1000mm and weight up to 1200kg in one installation, namely, milling, boring, drilling, threading, etc.

UFFALO MACHINARY HBM-4T CNC milling and boring machining center allows to process large-sized parts weighing up to 8t and sizes up to 1600x1600x1600mm.

A wide range of turning and milling machining centers of various sizes, namely KIA-HYUNDAY SKT-250MC, OKUMA Multus B400W, KIA-HYUNDAY SKT-15, OKUMA LB-3000EX, KIA-HYUNDAY SKT-400C, Haas-SL10, allow to perform the whole range of turning - milling operations on parts with a diameter of 5 to 740 mm and a length of 5 to 2000 mm.

The qualifications and experience of company's specialists, together with fleet of modern equipment, ensure high accuracy and speed of turning and milling operations. Programming of operations, transitions and changing of tools or cutting tools allows you to minimize the influence of the human factor and ensure the repeatability necessary for small and large-scale production of metal parts. Since the full cycle of processing a workpiece is carried out on one piece of equipment without subsequent refinement on other machines, the time required for turning and milling work is reduced as well as the cost of manufacturing parts.
Contacts details:
Chief Technology Officer +380-044-490-94-85
Malyarenko Vitaliy Yuryevich

Marketing department +38-044-591-07-23