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KCDBV 55 years!

Kiev Central Design Bureau of Valve 55 years!

June 12 marks the 55th anniversary of the founding of one of the most reputable organizations in the field of valves. Today PJSC "Kiev Central Design Bureau of Armature Construction" is a leading specialized enterprise in Ukraine and CIS countries that develops and manufactures products for nuclear power, chemical, oil and gas and aerospace industries.


The KCDBV celebrates the anniversary of its experience in designing and creating various types of shut-off, regulating, safety and other types of valves, actuators, small-sized pneumatic units and automation equipment. The KCDBV has the functions of the main enterprise of industrial valves and standardization of valves in Ukraine.


Representatives of the Solomian Parliament of Ukraine, the Board of Directors of Kyiv, the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce, financial institutions and investors were invited to the official celebration. The guests got acquainted with the main production shops in action and saw all the stages of production: from design units to testing of finished equipment.

The basic directions of application of the equipment manufactured by the enterprise are nuclear and thermal energy, aerospace, defense industry, oil and gas complex.


Delivery geography is not limited to Ukraine. The KCDBV's development and production equipment has been successfully used for many years at nuclear power plants and industrial sites in Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, India, Iran, China, Armenia and other countries.


Currently, the development of new products continues, the range of nomenclature is expanding. This process would not have been possible without a large-scale technical re-equipment and modernization of production.

For the organization of development of large products a new workshop was created, which allows to produce large armature with a diameter of 600 mm passage and weighing up to 10 tons, which allows to make a considerable part of such equipment for nuclear power plants. The production of responsible products defines the enterprise policy in the field of quality, aimed at steady improvement of processes, improvement of the quality level.


All this is ensured by the coordinated work of a team of professionals, engineers, workers and executives of the KCDBV.

President Mykola Zasulsky congratulated on behalf of the staff of the Chamber of Workers and Veterans of the KCDBV:

"The Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry has always been supportive of entrepreneurs, and it is especially gratifying to welcome such a well-deserved collective. The Kiev Central Bureau of Reinforcement Engineering provides orders for state-of-the-art high-tech circuits in the aerospace, energy, especially nuclear, oil, gas and chemical industries. Your production equipment works successfully in different countries of the world - India China, Russia, Czech Republic, Iran, Bangladesh, as well as in space! ".
Mykola Zasulsky


The hard work of the whole team led to the rise of the company after the economic downturn, which was observed in the early 90's. During this time, ISO 9000 quality system and other programs were introduced at the request of foreign customers at the KCDBV, IAEA recommendations and requirements of international standards were taken into account. Today, the company employs more than 500 people, about 40% of whom are scientific and technical staff. The staff is constantly updated by young specialists. This was facilitated by the establishment of a branch of the Department of Hydrogen Gas Systems of the National Aviation University on the basis of the enterprise.

From the moment of its establishment, the Scientific and Technical Council (NTR), to which representatives of all major services of the enterprise are involved, has been operating in it. The council meeting deals with issues related to the life of the enterprise: new projects, introduction of new technologies, automation of the production process, implementation of CAD and others.

The chairman of the supervisory board of the Kyiv Central Committee is Yuriy Rikunich, a renowned expert in the industry and in the field of armature-building, a world-renowned professional armature-builder. Yuriy Rychunych maintains long-term partnerships with the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The company - an active member of the Chamber since 2001, 5 times was the winner of the competition "Best Exporter of the Year", participant in international forums and exhibitions!

We wish the Kiev Central Design Bureau of Armature Engineering new scientific achievements, creative ideas, the embodiment of the boldest ideas, good health, happiness and optimism!